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6392U-11 | Shower system, 3 V

Oras Signa

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10/2011 01/2018
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A modern thermostatic shower faucet which quickly and accurately reacts on the temperature changes of input water maintaining the requested temperature. The temperature control handle is equipped with a limiter which can be bypassed by pressing a button. The diverter controls the water flow either from the hand shower or from the head shower. Integrated easy-to-clean soap tray.
The EcoLed press pad indicates with signal lights the ideal duration of shower considering water and energy consumption and acts as a flow regulator.
The faucet is delivered with litter filters and one-way valves. Includes eccentric units with silencer.
Rain shower with lime-free strainer (Ø 238 mm, angle can be adjusted), a shower rail with an adjustable hand shower holder, hand shower with normal and hydra function, lime-free strainer, 2000 mm shower hose, diverter and a shower bracket. Color: Chrome

  • Connection Eccentric coupling(s), Silencer(s)
  • Electronic parts Light indicated function(s), Solenoid valve, External control unit, Low battery indicator
  • Extensions Press pad with EcoLed
  • Lever/Handle Temperature control handle, Flow control handle
  • Mechanical parts Thermostatic cartridge for automatic temperature control, Litter filter(s), Non-return valve(s)
  • Number of spray functions 1 spray function
  • Shower parts Shower rail, Shower holder, Hand shower, Shower hose (2000 mm)
  • Shower spray Rain - Even and strong water stream
  • Color White
Software settings
  • Max. flow period 8 min
Flow attributes
  • Flow-rate at 300 kPa 0.22 l/s
  • Pressure loss with flow (0.2 l/s) 250 kPa
Technical properties
  • Connection size G1/2
  • Hot water supply max. +70°C
  • Installation width CC150± 15 mm
  • Material Brass
  • Working pressure 100 - 1000 kPa
  • Battery AA 1.5 V Lithium x 2
  • EU Directives 2014/30/EU , 2011/65/EU
  • Noise class II (ISO3822) Oras Lab.
  • Protection class IP 55