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In public spaces, it is important that the faucets are durable, easy-to-use, economic, hygienic and safe. Oras has a wide selection of products that meet all these requirements.  

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Touchless faucet brings hygiene to public spaces

With a proper hand hygiene, the spread of viruses and bacteria can be remarkably reduced. According to studies, 80 % of all bacteria transmits from one human to another either through direct contact or indirectly via different surfaces. The use of touchless faucets e.g. in public restrooms helps to prevent this.  

Safety and savings

In addition to hygiene, easy-of-use is one of the most important features in a faucet. With touchless faucets, water with preset temperature starts flowing when hands are moved under the faucet. Touchless faucets also save water and energy since the water automatically stops flowing, when the faucet is not in use. This also increases safety and prevents vandalism as the faucet automatically turns off after two minutes (e.g. in case someone has left an object in front of the sensor). 

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