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Companies all over the world are looking for ways to meet the ever-changing requirements and contribute to creating a greener future. At Oras, we want to help by being a trusted partner supporting project planners, contractors and installers in finding the water and energy saving solutions that are right for them.

By offering a wide range of water-saving solutions, eco labelled products, and innovating smart monitoring and control solutions, we help planners build sustainability into every corner of the building and mobilise both water and energy efficient consumption patterns.

Green building certification

Green building certification refers to the environmental assessment of a construction area throughout its entire lifecycle – from planning and construction to its operation and final demolition. Alongside features such as safety, security, moisture, thermal health and ventilation, efficient use of energy and water have become vital requirements of sustainability certifications.

Water-saving installations are a promising solution to significantly cut down water consumption, limit losses via leakages and alter the energy performance of existing building stock as well as low-carbon new builds.

Green building certificates overview

Must-have faucet features for sustainable projects

Low flow rates with high comfort

Faucets with integrated low-flow features reduce the amount of water released per minute, which can significantly minimise overall water and energy consumption of a building on a large scale.

Our product families cover a variety of flow rates – from low flow shower systems to smart washbasin and kitchen faucets. All designed to save water one drop at a time without cutting down on comfort or convenience.

SMART on all levels – and all corners of your building project 

Smart features not just change the way we use water and energy at home, they also have a great impact on a building’s energy performance. That’s why, at Oras we have found a way to add smart features to every one of our product categories – from touchless faucets to digital hand showers or hybrid kitchen faucets.

‘Touchless’ is more than a technology

At Oras, we aim to make every drop count. We believe that every smart faucet, every smart feature and every smart action can have an impact, taking us one step further towards creating a water smart future.

Touchless features help minimise water use by only running when actually needed. As the water flow is activated and deactivated based on smart integrated sensors, building managers can significantly reduce the risk of water overuse.

Sustainable consumption that’s visible and easy

Water and energy use is often invisible to users, and it almost seems impossible to get an accurate overview of their daily consumption. But what if we knew exactly what we used? Would we act differently? We would certainly have the choice to. At Oras, we believe that’s a great start.

Through Bluetooth-enabled faucets and shower heads, end users can track their water and energy consumption in real-time. By giving every drop of water consumed the attention it deserves, we can incentivise a more sustainable use of resources and achieve significant water and energy savings throughout the entire building.

Monitor and manage a building’s footprint in one easy system

Integrated Bluetooth-enabled features help building operators control and improve resource consumption of larger projects.

If connected to the App, users can schedule automatic flushing intervals, adjust flushing duration and individualise after flow times, enabling easier monitoring and management of water throughout a building complex.

Mechanical ECO features that set resource-efficient operations as the default

Cold start

Cold start features can help you significantly cut down your energy use by setting the defaut lever position on cold water. That way, no energy is wasted on heating up water during simple day-by-day operations when there’s no actual need for hot water.

ECO mode

Faucets with built-in ECO features can limit the water temperature at 38° degrees and reduce the water flow upon installation, so you make a small difference every day.

ECO buttons

Products that feature ECO buttons allow you to flexibly switch between limited water flow and/or higher temperatures through a simple push of the lever.

Find the right faucets for your
ECO Building projects

ECO Building washbasin faucets

ECO Building washbasin faucets

ECO Building washbasin faucets with Bidetta

ECO Building washbasin faucets with Bidetta

ECO Building shower faucets

ECO Building shower faucets

ECO Building kitchen faucets

ECO Building kitchen faucets

Sustainability Declarations

EPDs & more

EPDs & more

Explore our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and other sustainability declarations.

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The customized faucet solutions that brought the historic Kakola area to life

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Touchless faucets help Norwegian school meet sustainability goals

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Touchless smart faucets with automatic flushing land at Berlin’s new airport

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