North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia

North Estonia Medical Centre, a regional hospital located in Tallinn, Estonia, opened a new unit in 2010; called the X-block. Approx. 350 pieces of Oras Electra 6120F smart faucets were installed in...

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University Hospital of Turku, Finland

The new T-hospital became fully operational in January 2013 with 14 operating rooms, intensive care unit, polyclinic premises, emergency room and imaging premises.

Health & Care

University Hospital of Trondheim, Norway

The hospital cooperates closely with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in research and in education of medical doctors.

Health & Care

PGE Arena Gdansk, Poland

The PGE Arena Gdansk, Poland, has capacity for 43,615 spectators, all seated and roofed. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Lechia Gdansk. PGE Arena Gdansk is the third...

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