The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin with Oras products

Oras products are ideally suited for private homes and public buildings such as the Centre for the

Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, which has been equipped with modern and functional sanitary fittings ...

Sports & Leisure

Oslo Airport chooses Oras again - Quality and reliability crucial

Touchless solutions from Oras Norway were chosen when Oslo Airport was extended 20 years ago, and chosen again for Terminal 2 when it was officially opened 27th of April 2017. “We are indeed very...


The new M/S Viking Grace – the greenest cruise ferry in the Baltic Sea

Representing the cutting-edge of the global cruise industry M/S Viking Grace was placed in traffic between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden in January 2013. When designing the...

Public spaces

Svolvær school, Norway

Vågan Municipality wanted to be at the forefront of development. Therefore, it was decided that during renovation Oras’ touchless smart faucets would be installed to Svolvær school.

Public spaces

Steinvegen Kindergarten, Norway

Privately owned Steinvegen kindergarten in Leksvik focuses on giving the children healthy, safe and valuable everyday life.

Public spaces

Ørland Main Air Station, Norway

Ørland is operated by the Royal Norwegian Air Force and it is an important air base for Norway.

Public spaces

International Airport Kharkiv – A modern gateway to the world

Designed by the renowned German company “Airport Research Center”, the new terminal of International Airport Kharkiv was completed in 2011.

Public spaces

Arlanda Express – Rail link between Stockholm Central Station and Arlanda Airport

With Arlanda Express, it is possible to easily and comfortably travel from Stockholm Central Station to Arlanda Airport in just 20 minutes.

Public spaces