The new M/S Viking Grace – the greenest cruise ferry in the Baltic Sea Public spaces

Representing the cutting-edge of the global cruise industry M/S Viking Grace was placed in traffic between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden in January 2013. When designing the product and service concept of the ship, special attention was paid to the innovative experiences offered to the passengers, a new kind of design-thinking and environmentally friendly solutions. The entire ship concept represents new thinking that takes all senses into account.

The modern, streamlined interiors of the new ship were designed by interior architect Vertti Kivi.

Naturally the faucets at Viking Grace save water!

Faucet selection for Viking Grace was made carefully and in such way that the facilities comply with sustainable development and optimal environmental solutions. In the use of water the objective was the minimization of the quantity of waste water. All cabins are equipped with water saving faucets and showers. Also, toilet appliances are ecological.

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