Two things to be checked when installing an electronic faucet to guarantee flawless function 04.06.2018 — For installation

Thanks to Oras’ long commitment to developing electronic faucet technology, each Oras electronic faucet is a masterpiece of its kind - there is nothing too much, nothing too less - every single part has its purpose.

With proper installation, you as the installer, can ensure that this masterpiece operates as it is meant to. Here we introduce two essential parts which are included in all packages of the electronic faucets leaving from our production sites. Make sure to have these parts in place to offer the customer an optimal electronic faucet experience!

One-way valve prevents the mixing of the hot and cold water, and if forgotten can cause temperature changes and even the mixture of the hot and cold water in the building.

Litter filter is needed to ensure that impurities are not finding their way to the valves, causing the faucet to leak and not closing properly.

Spare part number:

198473/2, One-way valve with litter filter (two pieces in the package)

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