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Cutting your shower by one second is worth 1.5 hours of battery life on a 13-inch Mac Book Air

How to cut your water waste at the source

Bathrooms are the rooms where we use – and waste – the most water. Take the simple act of brushing your teeth – if you leave your bathroom faucet running, that’s 19 litres of water. Every time. And...

Bathroom hygiene is an essential step in keeping our families safe and healthy.

How to prepare your bathroom for cold and flu season

A guide to preventing harmful microbes from invading your faucet, washbasin, shower and your entire bathroom area.


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The Oras Inspera kitchen faucets fits into every type of home decor.

Oras Inspera – for comfortable style

All tastes are different, you might like your home to reflect a modern contemporary look or a lighter more romantic style. The choice of home appliances should not set any limits to your personal...

The highlight of the Oras Inspera product family is the exclusive Rosegold lifestyle edition washbasin faucet.

Oras Inspera – for life and style

Your home should reflect your lifestyle. In other words, you shouldn’t have to compromise on either design or functionality when choosing a faucet. With the new Oras Inspera you don’t have to.


Searching for some fresh ideas for your kitchen and bathroom. Our lookbook is filled with inspiring interior images!

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Oras Electra touchless spout faucet now available with Bluetooth® connection

Oras Electra touchless spout faucet now available with Bluetooth® connection

The Oras Electra spout faucets (Oras numbers 6188Z and 6189Z) are available with Bluetooth connection from November 1st 2020 onwards. The new generation of spout faucets can be identified thanks to...

In public spaces, touchless fittings such as Oras Electra ensure maximum hygiene and safe, comfortable use.

Touchless faucets for maximum hygiene

Viruses, bacteria or germs - every person is exposed to a wide variety of pathogens every day. If these enter the body via the nose, mouth or eyes, they can lead to infections. The simplest and...

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