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Materials & Labels


With our products we want to ensure that the water we use is safe and not impaired by chemical substances. As a result, Oras products do not contain any materials classified as hazardous. Since May 2016, Oras has finished with the necessary material changes to ensure that all Oras products will be manufactured according to the 4MS Common Composition List, where metallic materials suitable for drinking water use are listed for EU countries. Moreover, Oras is committed to use materials that comply with quality regulations and satisfy the evaluation criteria of all our market areas.

The pressurized faucet parts are always made of dezincification resistant brass. In addition, plastic and composite offers greater comfort especially in bath and shower faucets. One of the advantages is that it prevents the faucet surface from heating up. Special high-quality technical plastics are selected with utmost care and our products are long lasting and safe to use in a wide range of applications.

Oras Protec

Oras Protec means that the use of water is safe, ecological and convenient. What does this stand for?

1. DZR-brass - Oras only works with high-grade, durable materials. Pressured parts of faucets are always made of DZR-brass to minimize dezincification.

2. Less than 0,3% lead content - With Oras Protec labelled products the raw material of the faucet body lead content is less than 0,3%.

3. Nickel-free coating - All parts that come into contact with drinking water are free of nickel coating.