Guides & Training

Faucet school

For several decades now, Oras has provided customer training at the Oras Training Centres to support and facilitate our professionals daily work. 

Our target is to teach participants how to maintain faucets and make basic adjustments. For this purpose Oras arranges special faucet and Electra courses at its units.

Please contact our local customer service to receive information about the coming courses.

eFaucet school

Welcome to sign up for Oras PROacademy and eFaucet school. Oras has been organizing the Faucet school training for its customers and HVAC students for over 30 years. At new eFaucet school you can now learn the same things, regardless of time and place!

Training videos

Do you need help in installing our products or just want to freshen up your memory? Our training videos are here to help you to get everything right the first time.