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Sustainable design

The extensive design work behind Oras products is driven by consistent attention to durability, functionality and rising megatrends. The renewed Oras brand was launched this year, and the company is currently updating its product line to more closely match emerging consumer preferences. Design that’s seamlessly twinned with functionality is the main theme in Oras products.

The cornerstones of Oras design

Easy and enjoyable-to-use, high-quality, modern yet timeless design has defined the core of Oras products for decades. Of course, there are almost as many different faucet preferences as there are spaces and users. It is for this reason that Oras works closely with some of the world’s leading designers to ensure that Oras products are perfectly tailored to fit consumers’ individual needs.

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The cornerstones of Oras design,

Nordic in look and feel

Oras design starts from a place of respect and deep understanding of Nordic design – including Nordic practicality – when considering customer needs in space planning. The over-arching goal of the Oras design process is to pursue ever more beautiful designs, durability and easy and safe to use products to make living better. Oras products are designed to offer convenient and enjoyable ways of experiencing water, ecologically

Nordic in look and feel,

Customer needs at the core

Oras’ design process stays ever alert to emerging megatrends, with new products developed in ways that are highly responsive to consumers’ changing needs. And this means that Oras doesn’t merely deliver what’s being demanded now – but also with an eye toward what consumers will require five or even ten years from now. Timeless, long-lasting and functional design is the heart and soul of Oras products.

Customer needs at the core,

Collaboration with ALESSI

The design collaboration between Oras and the Italian design house ALESSI started in 2002. The ALESSI by Oras products are developed with well-known designers and architects of ALESSI. The latest fruit of collaboration is the ALESSI Swan by Oras designed by Mario Trimarchi. Other sculpture-like product lines include La Cucina ALESSI by Oras (design: Alessandro Mendini), Il Bagno ALESSI One by Oras (design: Stefano Giovannoni) and ALESSI Sense by Oras (design: Rodrigo Torres).

Collaboration with ALESSI,
Red Dot Award: Product Design

Red Dot Award: Product Design

In 2016, ALESSI Sense by Oras washbasin faucets 8710F and 8712F were rewarded with the Red Dot Award: Product Design.

Oras Signa: German Design Award 2016

Oras Signa: German Design Award 2016

Oras Signa washbasin faucet was awarded with German Design award 2016.

Oras Esteta Wellfit: Iconic Award 2017 and Focus Open 2017 Design Award: Special Mention

Oras Esteta Wellfit: Iconic Award 2017 and Focus Open 2017 Design Award: Special Mention

Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system was awarded with “Iconic Design Award 2017 Winner”. In addition, on Focus Open 2017 Design Award this product line was awarded with the “Focus Special Mention”.