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Oras 3S-Installation system

The Oras 3S-Installation system saves time and costs, is safe to use and simple to install.


Training video

Installers’ work is often done in difficult positions and circumstances. New Oras 3S-Installation system throws that to history by offering a totally new installation solution with an innovative fixing part and a flexible installation key. Quick three step fastening and easy-to-use tools make professionals’ work easier and enable more faucet installations per day.  Want to see how it works? Watch the video! 

Quick and easy installation

Uniqueness of the Oras 3S-Installation system is based on it’s new structure.  Installation systems used to have two separate parts – now everything is integrated together. With Oras 3S-Installation system only one hand is needed to install a faucet.

Quick and easy installation,

Benefits for professionals

Oras 3S-Installation system benefits professionals in many ways: its quick installation saves money and costs, its simple use makes it more efficient and enables more installations per day. Thanks to Oras quality, the installation system is safe to use.

Benefits for professionals,

Technical properties

Flexible installation key makes installation easy and quick.  New bottom sealing is ready installed in the faucet. Supporting plate enables flexible mounting from 1mm up to 40mm thickness for stainless steel sinks and ceramic wash basins.

Technical properties,