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Guaranteed Excellence.

We guarantee that Oras products are manufactured using superior quality raw material and components and that our manufacturing processes are controlled by extremely accurate quality assurance; from the material choices until the product is ready for use. All Oras faucets and accessories are designed and manufactured according to the EN standards and therefore flawless operation is guaranteed under appropriate conditions specified in the EN standards. Furthermore, we guarantee that all our products are carefully tested in our own factories before delivered to the customers.

These guarantee terms are valid in Europe. Outside Europe the terms of guarantee will be negotiated separately. We kindly ask you to read and follow carefully the use and maintenance instructions, enclosed with the product. Correct installation, maintenance and use ensure long-term durability of the product.

Important notes on Oras products


Two (2) years guarantee

Should you have any complaints regarding our product, we kindly ask you to contact the seller as soon as possible. We will reimburse manufacturing and material faults for the period of two (2) years according to the mandatory consumer protection act. The guarantee is valid for two (2) years from purchasing day or in case there’s no documentation of purchasing, two (2) years from the year/month on the faucet’s manufacturing stamp (the year/month of stamp + two years). Faults caused by normal wearing of the product, wrong installation, misuse or negligence of use and maintenance instructions will not be reimbursed. 

Five (5) years guarantee for below mentioned functional components

This guarantee applies to the following functional components of faucets, used in private households: single lever mixer cartridge, solenoid valve, sensor and thermostatic cartridge.
Starting from the purchasing day of the faucet or the year/month on the faucet’s manufacturing stamp, whichever is the earliest, this five (5) years guarantee is valid for material or manufacturing failures of the above­mentioned functional components and concerns faucets which have been used only in private households (Oras reserves rights to investigate the case). Oras provides a new part against the failed component free of charge. This guarantee does not cover any other additional expenses. All expenses caused by the repair work, etc. are on consumer’s responsibility.

Additionally, this guarantee does not cover batteries, aerators or other regular maintenance related parts or faults caused by dirt, wrong assembly / installation or misuse (see the use and maintenance guide provided with the product or from

Ten (10) years availability guarantee for functional components and spare parts of all Oras products

Oras hereby guarantees that at least for the period of ten (10) years as of the year/month on the faucet’s manufacturing stamp, functional components and spare parts are available for all Oras products. The availability guarantee is valid for products manufactured after 1.1.2012. This guarantee does neither cover any expenses nor include any repairs or installation work but only ensures the availability of functional components and spare parts

Guarantee limitations

These guarantee conditions are given only for Oras faucets and accessories that are equipped with original Oras parts and maintained and used according to the use and maintenance manual. The stipulations of local authorities and legislation must be complied within installations of faucets and water fittings and in planning them. The above Oras guarantees do not apply to faults caused by wrong assembly, wrong installation, cleaning (scrubbing or the use of corrosive cleaning agents), misusage, lack of repairing or lack of service in case of impurity of water (rubbish, lime, chemicals, etc.). The guarantee does not apply to batteries in electronic faucets. These guarantees do not limit the consumer’s statutory rights under applicable and mandatory national consumer protection law. These guarantee terms and conditions have been made under and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Finland. For further information or in case of questions regarding Oras guarantees, please contact the seller or Oras. 

Fault announcement

These guarantees apply only the faults that are announced to Oras or seller in reasonable time (normally within 14 days), from discovering the fault. At the same time customer should clarify when the product has been purchased. Furthermore, it should be agreed with Oras or its representative the way of repairing and who will make it.