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Kitchen is the heart of the home: the most important social space, where many of the life’s valuable moments are experienced. Oras faucets increase the comfort in your kitchen, set visual highlights and make cooking more sustainable.

Comfort, contemporary design, intelligent and sustainable function - Oras kitchen faucets add value to your home and make your kitchen routine easier. Useful design features such as pull-out sprays and high or swivelling spouts provide more flexibility at the workplace. Intelligent and touchless operation concepts ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen experience. And if you want to bring more individuality to your kitchen, our extraordinary designer faucets are just what you need.




3 easy ways to update your kitchen


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Design lines


ALESSI Sense by Oras combine aesthetics with usability and sustainable technology. The intelligent function allows intuitive and at the same time controlled use of water.

  • Expressive design with practical utility for sophisticated room concepts.
  • Easy operation via Touch-Control.
  • State-of-the-art water-saving technology
KITCHEN, Oras Optima
Reduce your water consumption up to 50% using a smart faucet
Oras Optima

Oras Optima brings professional level features to your kitchen in a stylish package. The multi-functional kitchen faucet combines touchless operation with EasyGrip handles for hot and cold water.

  • Freedom of movement with a spout that can be swiveled through 120 degrees
  • Surface finishes in contact with drinking water without nickel coating
  • Multi-functionality: the choice between touchless or manual operation with Oras Optima Hybrid
KITCHEN, Oras Inspera
Oras Inspera

The contemporary, side-operated Oras Inspera kitchen faucets come with swivel spout and an optional, extremely handy, pull-out spray. Different sizes and height options grant more possibilities for planning and bring more comfort to the user.

  • Modern, trend-oriented designer faucets
  • More comfort through the tall swivel spout and side control
  • More freedom of movement and functionality with optional pull-down spray with two different spray types – soft and strong
KITCHEN, Oras Safira
Oras Safira

Whether conventional single lever faucets, side-operated models or the variant with pull-out spray for a greater radius of action at the sink – the Oras Safira product family satisfies all needs.

  • Universal design for every kitchen style with many options
  • Maximum comfort with the optional pull-out spray and swivel spout
  • Flexible configuration through the choice between top-controlled and side-controlled variants

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