Shopping center Galeria Korona, Poland Sports & Leisure

Shopping center Galeria Korona, a modern landmark built near the city center in Kielce, Poland, is one of the many Oras' smart faucet references in 2012.

The construction project started in 2007 and the shopping center was opened in May 2012. With the total surface of 93 500 m2 the streamlined shopping center houses 160 to 170 shops, restaurants, gym clubs and a cinema.

Toilets in the shopping center are equipped with Oras' smart faucets: Oras Cubista 2824F's and Oras Electra 6222F's. These faucets operate automatically which improves the customers' hand hygiene and also helps in keeping the restrooms tidy.

Altogether there are 105 Oras' faucets in the building, most of them Oras' touchless smart faucets.