Svolvær school, Norway Public spaces

Vågan Municipality wanted to be at the forefront of development. Therefore, it was decided that during renovation Oras’ touchless smart faucets would be installed to Svolvær school.

- We wanted to create a modern and flexible school that was prepared for future use. A school is very vulnerable when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, so it was important for us to have touchfree faucets in the school building, says Johnny Mosand, Project Manager Vågan Property in Vågan Municipality.

Important to be forward-looking

All locker rooms in the school have touchless showers. The only faucets in the school which are not touchless are in the kitchen sections. Mosand is convinced that in the future schools and kindergartens will require touchless faucets.

- It was important for us to be ahead of the trend. FSA sets stricter requirements for school and nursery buildings. These solutions for hygiene and safety are already available on the market, so it was natural to bring them into use, says Mosand.

The fully renovated, perhaps the most modern school of the nation was officially opened for school year 2012/2013 in August by the King Harald of Norway. Approximately 560 pupils in the elementary and secondary Svolvær school can now look forward to a school year in a unique environment.

Oras is the proud supplier of HVAC solutions

CEO of Oras Armatur AS, Thomas Hanche-Olsen, is proud that Oras is part of the modern construction project.

- We are very pleased that the municipality invests in touchless smart faucets. This will make schools safer and more hygienic for both children and adults. As a bonus, the school will also be both more environmentally friendly and energy efficient in terms of water saving. Water savings are then a part of everyday life, without compromising comfort in any way, says Hanche-Olsen.