The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin with Oras products Sports & Leisure

Oras products are ideally suited for private homes and public buildings such as the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, which has been equipped with modern and functional sanitary fittings made by the Finnish brand Oras. Touchless faucets installed in bathrooms have sent the level of hygiene to new heights while reducing water consumption and monthly maintenance costs.

The construction of the Centre started in 1974 and ended in 2015. This institution is a venue where youth and adults engage with the arts, learn about culture and new ways of thinking. It is a platform for inspiring interest, promoting diversity and building a sense of community. Officially opened in 2017, the facility has an area of 23,544.97 m2 and houses an opera, a cinema, a chamber and a ballet hall. It also features a bar, a restaurant and a cafe which are perfect for meetings and invite long, meaningful conversations about the arts.

Sanitary rooms in the building are fitted with electronic faucets by Oras. Their advanced technology enables water savings of 50% and ensures the highest standards of hygiene. The fittings come with motion sensors which start and stop the flow of water when needed. With drops of water kept away from their surface, the faucets remain impeccably clean and elegant at all times, thus offering a greater comfort and convenience to its users.

Oras Electra 6125F

Oras Cubista 221250