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A unique smart shower

Not only does Oras Eterna look good, it is also smart. Its EcoLed function tells you the ideal duration of your shower – taking into consideration water and energy consumption – and warns you with a red light if you stay in the shower too long. The highly accurate thermostat maintains a constant water temperature, including also an automatic bathtub-filling function.

A unique smart shower,

The use of Oras Eterna

The shower function is started by pressing the EcoLed press pad, after which a green signal light starts to blink. If the shower is turned off within 2 minutes, a green signal light blinks rewarding for an ecological shower. Should the showering continue for longer, a red signal light blinks and at 4 minutes, the faucet closes automatically. Shower can be turned off or re-started at any time by pressing the EcoLed press pad. In the model 6375 the spout turns freely 90°. 

The use of Oras Eterna,