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Oras Oramix

Oras Oramix – pressostatic shower faucet ensures a stable water pressure and a steady temperature for pleasant showers and baths. It is designed for buildings with large height differences and a large number of water inlets with variations in water pressure due to the simultaneous use of water.

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What is a pressostatic faucet?

Pressostatic faucet is a pressure equalizer, which, unlike a thermostatic faucet, quickly and accurately reacts to any fluctuations in water pressure without water temperature changes.

What is a pressostatic faucet?,

Easy to use

The temperature adjustment handle is equipped with a temperature adjustment limiter and a button for bypassing the limiter. Oras Oramix is also available with assist handles for both temperature control and flow control or they can be bought separately. Oras Oramix can be equipped with a diverter spout. Cover plates are sold separately.

Easy to use,