ALESSI Swan by Oras

“The beauty of an object lies in its mystery; we should look at an object from every angle to be able to grasp its soul.” - designer Mario Trimarchi

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Alessi Swan is a new design that combines the smooth lines of the swan with smart Oras functions. The faucet was born out of the passion to create an aesthetic innovation: by giving the faucet the grandness and elegance of the swan, the designer enabled new ways of using a faucet.

Alessi Swan faucet is available in several models. The basic model has two levers: one is for adjusting the flow, the other is for the temperature. The maximum flow is 12 litres per minute. The electronic model has a Smart button which enables opening and closing the faucet with one press of the button.

Safety is increased through LED lighting which starts shining in red when the water temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celcius, and flashing to warn the user when the water temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celcius.