Oras Safira 1023F Kitchen faucet for summer house

Kitchen faucet for summer house and water heater. Swivel spout and aerator. Spout’s swing angle is factory preset at 100° (can be limited to 40°– 80°). Maximum flow-rate 5 l/min. Due to the heating of water, water dripping from the aerator is a feature of this product and should not be prevented. The aerator may not be changed or supplemented with additional components.Plug in, unpressurized water heater, 5 l. Easy to install. Range of use +35° – 85°C (recommendation +65°C). In order to prevent frost damage, the faucet and the water heater must be emptied. This water heater is only allowed to operate with the original Oras summer house faucet.Warning!Water heater can heat the water up to +85°C. Beware of the instant scalding hot water from the faucet.The faucet and the water heater should not be installed separately.

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  • EAN code 6414150078842

Technical properties

  • Hot water supply max. +80°C
  • Material brass
  • Working pressure 50 - 1000 kPa


  • Noise class I (ISO 3822)


  • Connection Flexible inlet pipes
  • Extensions Water heater unit
  • Lever/Handle Single operating lever/handle
  • Spout Swivel spout
  • Color Chrome

SP1023F Kitchen faucet for summer house