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Because happiness should be everlasting. All our products are timeless in form and functionality, designed with quality materials made to last a lifetime. All to ensure that your perfect faucet remains your perfect faucet.

We use our bathroom faucets multiple times every day, making high-quality and durability especially important when choosing the right faucet or shower for our individual needs. Sustainable, safe and stylish - Oras products enable better living without sacrificing performance or design. Responsibly made from the most durable materials, our faucets and showers are fit for the 2,500 times we use our bathrooms each year.


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Trouble finding the right style?

Oras Stela

Oras Stela design line includes a large range of faucets as elegant and refined as you are. The bathroom faucets are designed to fit the design and layout of your bathroom with absolute precision.

  • Features a model with a unique diamond water flow
  • Extensive range available in a number of sizes to fit different sinks and bathroom designs
  • Touchless functionality for optimal comfort, hygiene and long-term water and energy savings
WASHBASIN, Oras Inspera
A family of 4 turns on their water 200 times every day
Oras Inspera

Oras Inspera is designed to enable the individualization of the user’s personal bathroom, combining superior elegance and functionality. The wide variety of sizes, performance and comfort levels ensures that there’s an Oras Inspera solution for every taste and every room.

  • Trend-oriented designer faucets
  • Diverse, individual faucet solutions with different heights, spouts and control options
  • Also touchless option available
SHOWER, Oras Esteta
Oras Esteta

Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system provides all the functions of a professional hot and cold water body treatment – at the touch of a button. Select from one of the three programs – RECOVER, RELAX, RELOAD – that designate specific intervals of hot and cold water spray via your hand shower.

  • Oras Esteta thermostat with optional Wellfit function
  • Integrated Wellfit button with 3 regeneration programs: RECOVER, RELAX and RELOAD
  • Tailor shower settings and programs with Oras App
WASHBASIN, Oras Electra
98% bacteria reduction with a smart faucet
Oras Electra

 Oras Electra is our most widely used and versatile touchless faucet design line. Water consumption can be reduced by half, while user-friendliness and hygiene rise to a whole new level thanks to touchless operation.  Oras Electra faucets come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to adjust and maintain the faucets easily with Oras App.

  • Above-average range of variants for all personal preferences and needs
  • User-friendly faucet technology
  • High standards of hygiene, low water and energy consumption (save up to 50% in water)
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17% of serious childhood burns are caused by tap water
Oras Optima

Oras Optima provides a complete collection of faucets for every possible purpose, including both single lever and touchless washbasin faucets as well as thermostatic shower faucets. The touchless washbasin faucets come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to control and customize them via Oras App.

  • Ergonomic, easy and safe to use - ideal for modern cross-generation bathrooms
  • Washbasin faucets are available with Bidetta hand shower
  • More hygienic and clean thanks to variants with touchless operation

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