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Oras Nova

Oras Nova shower systems' and thermostatic mixers' contemporary design complements all styles of bathrooms, hand showers – and people too! It’s well thoughtout ergonomics includes anti-slip handles and finger stops, soft edges, a hot water safety lock, and a thermo cool body. What’s more, the Oras Nova’s EcoFlow limiter helps conserve precious resources – while enhancing your unique shower moment.

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Say hello to a new era of showering

Oras Nova product range offers functional and stylish shower thermostats that are budget friendly, designed to fit your bathroom plans and which will always provide excellent comfort. This classic product family is now expanded with rain shower models for ultimate shower experience. Oras Apollo hand showers will bring an even wider selection for tailoring the shower system for your needs.

Say hello to a new era of showering,

NEW Oras Nova Style with two design options for overhead shower

The Oras Nova shower range has been complemented with a new, Oras Nova Style soft-cube overhead shower design. Choose either the classic round or the new soft-cube design for a perfect match for any bathroom. The Oras Nova Style rain shower system with soft-cube design comes with the classic Oras Nova thermostat and the 3-spray Oras Apollo Style hand shower, that has similar soft-cube design as the overhead shower. Oras Nova style is a perfect mix of elegant, timeless design with water saving and safety features.

  • Two design option for overhead shower (round or soft-cube)
  • Two design option for Oras Apollo hand shower
    • Soft-cube or round design with 3-spray settings (choose from generous, relaxing spray to ecofriendly, sensitive spray with 9l/minute flow rate)
  • Oras Nova thermostat with hot safety stop at 38 °C and EcoFlow-control that helps you save up to 60% in water and energy use
NEW Oras Nova Style with two design options for overhead shower,

Beauty in simplicity

Oras Nova is a pleasure to the eye. The elegance of Oras Nova lies in its simplicity. This is why it has no intricate parts that collect dirt and are hard to clean. The faucet is simple and safe to use. Everything has been cut down to the bare essentials.

Beauty in simplicity,

Increased safety and sustainability

Oras Nova thermostatic shower faucets are all about meeting your essential needs and desires. And they’re just right for your wallet and the environment as well. The Thermo Cool faucet body and hot water safety lock make Oras Nova safe option for all members of the family while EcoFlow limiter helps to save water and energy without extra effort.

Increased safety and sustainability,

Key features at a glance

  • High-performance, budget friendly option
  • Slim, low-key design that feels perfectly at home in modern bathroom surroundings.
  • Contemporary functionality.
  • Thermo Cool faucet body: Improved safety thanks to minimal heat conduction to the faucet surface
  • Hot water lock: Safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius to protect against scalding
  • EcoFlow control: The adjustable water-saving function can be used to save up to 60% water and energy
Key features at a glance,

Best of Oras Nova.

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