Oras Esteta Wellfit

Oras Esteta Wellfit shower system provides all the functions of a professional hot and cold water body treatment – at the touch of a button. Select from one of the three programs – RECOVER, RELAX, RELOAD – that designate specific intervals of hot and cold water spray via your hand shower. Oras Esteta Wellfit is your perfect personal body care shower.


Oras Esteta Wellfit – to improve your all around wellbeing

Oras Esteta Wellfit is based on contrast water therapy – a way of treating the body with alternating hot and cold water, in varying sequences. Oras Esteta Wellfit supports people in their active lifestyle and helps them to stay fit. The hot and cold water treatment soothes and nurtures muscles through a customized menu of programs designed to give each user a healthier and better feeling.

How does it work

Select a program for recovery after sports and workout – or relaxing after a hard day. Oras Esteta Wellfit water body treatment can be used with every part of the body. Each program is precisely designed and offers different, positive effects on the body. Programs begin with shorter intervals to help the body adapt to temperature changes in a gentle way. Oras Esteta Wellfit is your perfect personal body care shower.


Hot and cold water therapy is used as treatment by athletes, physicians and physiotherapists all around the world and has many benefits:

  • Releases muscle tension for your quicker recovery after sports
  • Activates your blood circulation to ease pain
  • As it reduces discomfort in your body, you become physically more active which leads to strengthening of your cardio-vascular system
  • Makes your more resistant towards illnesses
  • Drop in blood pressure and lowering of stress hormone leads to better relaxing, balance of body and mind
  • The treatment with water is 100% natural

Smart and connected:

The program settings can be individualized with the Oras App.

  • Choose your personal order of the 3 programs
  • Choose from more programs:
    • “recover for lower body”
    • “neck & shoulders”
  • Create your own program with “create program”
    • Consultation with doctor or physiotherapist is recommended by Oras.

Advanced user experience and sleek design

Oras Esteta offers a unique solution for a modern bathroom where sleek and elegant design meets practicality. To adjust the temperature and water flow is easy and hidden safety button ensures safe water temperature.

The real glass shelf brings a feeling of added luxury as well as more storage area to the bathroom. The shower faucet is available in two color option: white and grey.

Large and gentle rain shower

The rain shower has a modern, round design which makes it a perfect fit for different bathroom styles. The large full-body head shower embraces you with a gentle and natural rain that covers the body at once, enabling you to have a perfect shower moment.