Oras touchless faucets

As the forerunner of advanced sanitary fittings, Oras introduced some of the first touchless faucets on the market almost 30 years ago. The trailblazing company is today the leading brand in touchless and electronic faucets. Touchless faucets save water and energy while also improving hygiene in both public and household use. 

Choose right. Save water. Live More.

For every style and need

Oras faucets are timeless and modern in design and developed for comfort and sustainability with increased pleasure of experiencing water. Oras is dedicated to developing faucets that fulfill different user needs and offer convenient ways of experiencing water, ecologically. There are battery and AC powered faucets as well as hybrid models combining the features of touchless and traditional faucets. The significance of design has increased in importance as electronic faucets have found their way into millions of households and public spaces.

Oras product families with touchless faucets:

It won't run when you need to run

The water often runs for longer than it has to. Yet water is one of the most valuable resources we have. Touchless faucets help you to live your everyday life more ecologically. The water flow stops automatically when the hands are removed from the faucet, helping you to save water and energy. 

Added hygiene, less cleaning

Touchless faucets are easy to keep clean and they help to increase the hygiene level remarkably at home and in public spaces. Since the fitting does not have to be touched it remains free from marks from fingers or water droplets.  Moreover, the spread of bacteria via faucet surface can be prevented, hence bringing your home hygiene to a new level. 

Safe and easy to use

Safety is also an asset in touchless faucets, particularly in households with kids and elderly people. The sensor starts the water flow by detecting hands underneath the faucet, and stops it automatically. The temperature regulator keeps the water temperature constant.  All Oras faucets are easy to use, but touchless faucets provide you extra user-friendliness.

The sensor: In-house intelligence

Patented PSD technology in the sensor ensures that the fitting reacts precisely to your hand. The sensor registers the exact position and is thus able to start the flow of water at the minimum tolerance. The flow of water is automatically triggered as soon as one approaches the sensor with one's hands and stops when one removes them. No lever must be moved; no part of the faucet needs to be touched.

Use the Oras App to control and customize your faucets

Oras touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to configure them at the point of installation. You can also use the Oras App to easily and conveniently monitor functionality and usage, including water consumption, battery life and pre-set automatic flushing controls for better hygiene and comfort. And, by giving every user the option to choose their own settings we’ll help you create the ultimate experience.