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What does hybrid faucet mean?

Hybrid means that the faucet has two different functions e.g. touchless function with the sensor and manual function with the lever.

How to clean silicon shower head?

Rub the nozzles with your finger or a toothbrush to loosen deposits. Then run hot water for few minutes.

Electra faucet has high power consumption, what to do?

If the battery voltage goes low unusually fast, there is a short cut in the cable or in the sensor. Replacing the sensor will solve the problem.

What is lifetime for 6V battery of Electra faucet?

The battery life time is normally 3 years +-1 year depending on the usage. Make sure to always use Lithium batteries with Oras electronic faucets to maximize battery life time.

My Electra faucet is leaking, what to do?

If dirt or impurities in the water enters the pilot valve or to the pilot valve membran, this can cause leaking. Cleaning the membrane or replacing the pilot valve will solve the problem. To avoid this, it is important to install one-way valves and litter filters supplied with the faucet.

Is it possible to use other faucets together with water heater?

Faucets with water heater are so called low pressure models. Only low pressure faucet can be connected to the water heater. Oras low pressure faucets are “Summer cottage” models Oras Safira 1003F and 1023F. If ordinary faucet is connected to the water heater, the heater will burst as the pressure of heating the water is not released out from the heater.

What does the different letters F, X, U and Y mean after the product number?

F = faucet with flexible connection hoses.

X = faucet with eccentric connectors with closing valves and cover plates.

U = faucet with eccentric connectors with silencer and cover plates

Y = faucet with eccentric connectors and cover plates.

Can we use Bidetta hand shower with bath or shower faucet?

It is possible to use Bidetta hand shower only with bath or shower faucet only with an ejector swivel spout (e.g. Oras 211525). For correct operation, Bidetta hand shower always needs an ejector. The ejector is inside the spout.

Can I install Bidetta hand shower with ordinary single lever faucet?

Bidetta hand shower cannot be installed afterwards to the basin faucet. The faucet should be designed for the Bidetta hand shower. All Bidetta compatible Oras faucets are sold by default with Bidetta hand shower.

Is it possible to use longer hose for Bidetta hand shower?

Faucets with bidetta hand shower have so called ejector, which is not mechanical diverter. Due to the ejector the water speed gets b faster and it is guided to shower hose with Bidetta hand shower. Faucets with Bidetta hand shower are designed to operate with 1.5 m or 2 m Oras shower hoses.If an extension is needed, it should be done with Ø12 mm Cu-pipe up to 2 meters or with Ø15 mm up to 3 meters.

When using Pex pipes, consider the equivalence of internal diameters to Cu pipes. The bends of the pipes should be made smoothly with the lint, not with the press connectors.

The angle connector must be connected in such a way that the inner diameter is not substantially reduced. The angle connectors with closing valve will always cause extra flow resistance. Continuing Lenghtening the hose to of the Bidetta hand shower should be carried out as smoothly as possible, avoiding sharp bends.

Although everything has been done according to the instructions, few drops of water may come from the faucet after using the Bidetta hand shower. This is normal due to the increased flow resistance.

How does the Smart Bidetta work?

When lifting the Smart Bidetta hand shower from the holder water starts to flow from the faucet. When pressing the hand shower trigger the water supply transfers from faucet to hand shower. When placing the Smart Bidetta hand shower back to its holder the faucet closes automatically.

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The touchless faucet "pushes" water from cold to hot or vice versa.

Check whether check valves are installed. They are included in the delivery set of a touchless faucet, their installation is mandatory.

What is a thermostatic faucet?

A thermostatic faucet is a faucet that maintains the water temperature selected, regardless of the temperature difference between the in-flowing waters. For all our thermostatic faucets we use the same fast-acting reliable cartridge, which is even suitable for lime containing water.


Why do you use plastic in your faucets?

Plastic is mainly used for our faucet surfaces and the levers on some faucets. The pressurized faucet parts are always made of dezincification resistant brass. Plastic offers greater comfort especially in bath and shower faucets. It reduces noise and prevents the faucet surface from heating up. Special high-quality technical plastics are selected with utmost care and our products are long lasting and safe to use in a wide range of applications.


How does the electronic washing machine valve work?

The electronic washing machine valve is turned on by pressing the operating button. A green indicator light blinks once every five seconds. The valve closes automatically after three hours. The valve is also turned off by pressing the operating button. To turn the valve on for 12 hours, push the operating button and hold it down for approximately five seconds.


What is a touchless faucet? What benefits does it offer?

Oras touchless faucets are easy and safe to use as well as hygienic. You can’t “forget” to turn off the faucet since it closes automatically. Touchless faucets save both water and energy.


What is a pressostatic faucet?

A pressostatic faucet is a faucet that maintains the required temperature of the shower water, regardless of the varying pressures of the inflowing waters. A pressostatic faucet is suitable for use in facilities which have several water outlets and always have plenty of hot water in the reserve (for instance apartment buildings, factories, swimming pools, etc.). In these kinds of facilities, the water pressure is always changing but there is usually enough hot water. The pressostatic faucet reacts quickly and precisely to changes in water pressure.

What is the “safety knob”?

The temperature safety knob ensures that water which is too hot cannot flow out of the faucet by accident. The limit can be set to your requirements, depending on the temperature of the inflowing waters. The safety knob makes the faucet safe to use even for children.

What is the “eco button”?

The eco button on Oras faucets limits water flow. The eco button reduces the maximum flow by setting it to economy mode – 60–90% of the maximum flow depending on the faucet’s application. If more water is needed, simply press the eco button and lift the lever simultaneously.

Are Oras products certified?

DNV GL BUSINESS ASSURANCE FINLAND OY AB certifies that the Management System of Oras Group conforms to specified standards. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 45001:2018 are certified in all sites. The certificates are valid for development, marketing, sales and after sales services, logistics, manufacturing, assembly and distribution of sanitary fittings.

Read more about Oras certificates here.


How should our faucets be cleaned?

The same rules apply to cleaning faucet surfaces as to cleaning the painted surfaces on other domestic appliances. Faucets must be cleaned using neutral or mild alkaline (pH 6-9) liquid detergents. The usage and dosage instructions provided by the detergent manufacturer(s) must always be followed. Dampen a sponge or soft cloth with the detergent solution. Wipe the faucet and rinse with plenty of clean lukewarm water and finish by wiping dry. IMPORTANT! Do not use a spray can to apply detergent to your faucet. Familiarize yourself with the cleaning instructions supplied with your faucet.

What kind of guarantee do we offer on our faucets?

Our faucets come with a two year guarantee (raw material and manufacturing faults), valid from the date of purchase or the first day of usage (as proven by the receipt) or from the manufacturing year stamp. The single lever faucet cartridge has a five-year drip-free guarantee with respective limitations.