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Oras App

Experience a whole new level of comfort in monitoring and adjusting Oras electronic faucets.


Requires Android version 5.0 or newer. 

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Smart & connected

Oras App enables greater efficiency, flexibility and hygiene in maintaining and adjusting electronic faucets in public and semi-public environments. With Oras App you can have instant access to product information, make adjustments to the settings, have an overview of current faucet settings as well as document and report the actions made – all this with just your fingertip!​ Moreover, you can easily follow the remaining battery life, total water consumption and much, much more.​ No special hardware, remote control, adapter cable, software nor laptop is required, all you need is your mobile device.

Smart & connected,

Download the Oras App

1. Download the Oras App in iOS version on the App Store or in Android version on the Google Play store

2. Turn on the Bluetooth® wireless connection in your smart phone or tablet settings

3. Open the Oras App

4. All nearby Bluetooth® compatible Oras faucets will be listed automatically - Select the desired faucet and connect your phone to it!

Download  the Oras App,

What can you do with Oras App?

IDENTIFY easily Oras faucets with Bluetooth® sensor within the radius

ACCESS AND KEEP TRACK of all important product information (E.G. remaining battery life, water consumption) and current settings

RESET settings

PERSONALIZE settings flexibly based on customer requirements

TRANSFER saved settings to other faucets

REPORT the product information and settings made directly to your email account

SAVE TIME in adjusting Oras electronic faucets. With easy and intuitive user interface, changing of parameters is quick and simple.

What can you do with Oras App?,

Monitor settings and product details

Oras App is suitable for installers and industry professionals. The functions of the Oras app such as switching cycles, hygienic rinses and water flow times are easy to monitor. Moreover, you can now easily keep track and measure different product details such as water consumption, battery life, automatic flush count etc. 

Features (no password needed):

  •  open and close the faucet
  •  activate cleaning mode
  •  send report of faucet settings and details to your email
  •  access product details
Monitor settings and product details,

Adjust the faucet

Adjusting Oras electronic faucet settings has never been easier. With Oras App you can have access to following settings (with authorized password access only):

  • maximum water flow time
  • intelligent after-flow time
  • sensor sensitivity
  • cleaning mode time
  • schedule weekly automatic flush
  • automatic flush time and flush mode
  • waterflow (for the calculation of water consumption)
  • product location
  • password

N.B. Adjustments to the faucet can only be made in password protected area. The access will only be given to installers and industry professionals with the required competence. 

Adjust the faucet,

Oras App with Oras Esteta Wellfit

Oras Esteta Wellfit is based on contrast water therapy – a way of treating the body with alternating hot and cold water, in varying sequences. The program settings can be individualized with the Oras App.

  • Choose your personal order of the 3 programs (RELAX, RECOVER, RELOAD)
  • Choose from more programs:
    • “recover for lower body”
    • “neck & shoulders”
  • Create your own program with “create program”
    • Consultation with doctor or physiotherapist is recommended by Oras.
Oras App with Oras Esteta Wellfit,


With the Bluetooth® technology, communication between Oras App and Oras faucets is now possible. The faucets are equipped with a Bluetooth® sensor. This sensor communicates with your Bluetooth® enabled mobile device. The current Bluetooth® standard (Bluetooth 4.0) with its low energy technology is perfect for providing advanced solutions for battery-operated systems such as the Oras electronic faucets.

The Bluetooth® trademark and logos are property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and their usage is licensend for Orasgroup. Other brands and trade names are property of the respective owners