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Fit for every generation

Oras Care range is made for every generation, from a child getting used to going to the bathroom on their own, to people with age-related health issues such as visual impairment or decreased motor function. Providing users a soothing bathroom experience no matter their circumstances or environment.

Fit for every generation,

Oras Care single-lever faucets

With the new Oras Care single-lever mixers, Oras combines safe operation with modern, aesthetic design - without any stigmatizing appearance. For user-friendly, flexible handling, the ergonomic lever of Oras Care single-lever faucets is not only easy to grip but can also be easily operated with the back of the hand, for example, when hand mobility is limited. At the same time, the high and long spout provides more freedom of movement under the faucet. In addition to the models for the washbasin, a version for the kitchen is also available. Here the spout, which has a swiveling range up to 120°, offers extra freedom of action.

  • Supportive lever shape
  • Multigenerational design
  • Also available for kitchen sinks
  • Extended size for better use of space
  • Design with its rounded edges: easy cleaning of the fitting body and reduced risk of injury
Oras Care single-lever faucets,

Oras Care thermostats

Sanitary faucets in sensitive areas must not only ensure the highest standards of hygiene, but also convince through ergonomics, functionality and intuitive handling. Especially for these requirements, Oras has added the new Oras Care wall-mounted thermostats to its range of special faucets. Oras Care thermostat with its strong design are particularly easy to grip and operate with minimum effort. Clear, visual markings provide information about the set temperature and the volume of the water.

  • Intuitive interface for easy operation
  • Easily readable markings
  • Triple-sealed rosettes for optimal hygiene
  • 38-degree safety button
  • Thermo Cool function to keep housing cool
Oras Care thermostats,

Oras 3S-Installation system

Thanks to the Oras 3S-installation system, the installation of the new Oras Care valves is easy and safe. All important components for fastening are integrated in one component. Sanitary installers can thus carry out all assembly steps precisely and quickly. Note! The 3S-Installation system is available for all Oras Care deck-mounted faucets.

Oras 3S-Installation system,

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