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Oras Cubista

Art becomes user-friendliness in our exceptionally wide Oras Cubista collection. The design and functionality have been strongly influenced by the geometrical forms of cubism. The range includes faucets for all water points at home: kitchen, bathroom and other sanitary facilities, including also a thermostatic faucet, similarly boasting beautiful design and functionality.

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Kitchen art

The speciality of Oras Cubista kitchen faucets is the electronic dishwasher valve, which closes automatically after either three or twelve hours – one can never forget and leave it open. The arching spout makes Oras Cubista a true centerpiece in the kitchen, while also creating sufficient working space for washing even the largest pots and pans.

Kitchen art,

Artistic design

The exceptionally wide Oras Cubista collection brings the fine art of user-friendliness to the bathroom. As a touchless wash basin faucet, Oras Cubista finds its purest form. Being touchless, the faucet always provides just the right amount of water and at the right temperature for your needs, while also saving energy. As a bonus, finger prints on the surface will also be history. Also available as a single-lever model.

Artistic design,

Use the Oras App to control and customize your faucets

Oras Cubista’s touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to configure them at the point of installation. You can also use the Oras App to easily and conveniently monitor water consumption, battery life etc. And, by giving every user the option to choose their own settings – with the app interface also automatically displaying whichever product is connected to the system – we’ll help you create the ultimate experience

Use the Oras App to control and customize your faucets,

Beautiful on the outside, powerful on the inside

The Oras Cubista thermostat faucet turns showering into an art form. In addition to boasting beautiful design, the Oras Cubista is also easy to use and effective in maintaining the desired water temperature. Simple and subdued, Oras Cubista is the perfect companion for the Oras Hydra rain and hand shower, for example.

Beautiful on the outside, powerful on the inside,

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