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Oras Electra

Designed to make a difference

With over 30 years of experience in electronic faucets, we are proud to present you the updated Oras Electra / HANSAELECTRA. The new generation is a result of dedicated research and development, to change the way we use and experience water every day.

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More than touchless

With touchless faucets, water consumption can be reduced by half, while user-friendliness and hygiene rise to a whole new level. But if you want electronic faucets to be smarter than just touchless, if you expect more from connectivity than just controlling a single faucet, and if you basically intend to offer your customers precisely customized solutions: choose the new Oras Electra.

Make it your Oras Electra

The Electra family combines slim and modern design with state-of-the-art technology to elevate the way we experience water. We offer a wide range of over 40 variants. To help you finding the right spezifications for any project the naming extension offers valuable information:

The versatile Classic variants

The versatile Classic variants

  • New 3 lens detection and 4th gen sensor
  • New designs and colours
  • 2 different heights
The Safety variants offer additionally

The Safety variants offer additionally

  • Unique scalding protection
  • Extended sensor options
  • Extended rinsing options
  • Extended reporting options
The Digital variants offer additionally

The Digital variants offer additionally

  • Data module collecting data froom waterstream
  • Gateway to online/cloud based Oras digital services
  • Multi-product-interaction with selected other Oras products
The Digital +  variants offer additionally

The Digital + variants offer additionally

Digital power module for energy harvesting

Implementation without limits

Whether wall-mounted or stand-alone, long or short spout – variants for the washbasin or shower: With its large range, the Oras Electra series opens up almost unlimited options, enabling planners and operators to cater for individual requirements in the best possible way. In addition, Oras Electra achieves a high score as far as hygiene is concerned: As no direct contact is needed thanks to the innovative sensor technology, the risk of transferring microorganisms is significantly reduced. The body of the faucet also remains cleaner for longer, reducing the effort needed for cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

Implementation without limits,

Customizable performance

The completely reengineered Electra combines slim and modern design with state-of-the-art technology. New innovative features include unique anti-scalding protection and cloud connectivity.



Improved safety for public spaces or around children.

The faucet will measure actual water temperature and will stop the water flow when temperarure exceeds the set value.

Choose your power source

Choose your power source

Electra has three power solutions:

  • Battery AA Lithium
  • Power Plug
  • Power Module (energy harvesting)

The power module for Digital+ series will generate power from the water used. No power installation or battery replacement needed!


Less energy consumption with metal-free waterways

Less energy consumption with metal-free waterways

Lead-free waterways with our composite models.

Extended lifetime with a new self-cleaning solenoid valve.

Transform water to data

Transform water to data

Digital and comprehensive service connection for simple and remote evaluation and control of entire faucet groups.

Connect Oras Electra to our digital services and generate data from the water stream, get reports and notifications in real time.

Contact our experts

Contact our experts

Perfect for demanding situations

Oras Electra is a faucet especially suitable for demanding sanitation needs of public buildings. From the Oras Electra wash basin faucet the water runs only when the hands are underneath the spout in a washing position, and stops, when the hands are removed. With the Oras Electra, even the possibility of ‘vandalism’ has been taken into account.  If the sensor of the faucet is covered, the faucet will shut off automatically. The water will not remain running.

Perfect for demanding situations,

Use the Oras Connect app to control and customize your faucets

Oras Electra faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to adjust and maintain the faucets easily with Oras App In addition to this, you can conveniently monitor usage, including water consumption, battery life and pre-set automatic flushing controls for better hygiene and comfort. Every user can create and saved tailored settings and transfer these to the desired touchless faucet– with the app interface also automatically displaying whichever product is connected to the system.

The essentials at a glance

  • Above-average range of variants for all personal preferences and structural conditions
  • User-friendly faucet technology
  • High standards of hygiene, low water and energy consumption (save up to 50% in water).
  • Minimal effort for cleaning and maintenance.
  • With the aid of the Oras App, the settings of Oras Electra faucets can quickly be adjusted according to the user needs and maintained at the touch of a button
The essentials at a glance,