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Oras Hydractiva

The Oras Hydractiva hand showers are designed to integrate perfectly with your shower system. Choose from two design options - contemporary and style - plus a range of 1-spray and 3-spray models to match every preference. 3-spray models provide buttons on the handle that allow the user to switch effortlessly between Sensitive, Intense, and Pulse sprays.

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Digital hand shower

Designed to help you save water – with little effort.

Save up to 22% in water and energy consumption with our new Oras Hydractiva Digital hand shower. By connecting the hand shower to the Digital Hand Shower App, you can set water consumption goals, receive data on your long-term usage, and to access tips on saving water.

  • Integrated display provides insights on total water and energy consumptions
  • Powered by water flow – no batteries required
  • Simple to attach – fits to all standard showers

Personal shower experience

New Oras Hydractiva product line offers hand showers for personal shower experience that adapt to your individual needs and moods. It is available in two designs: contemporary (round and geometric in light grey) and style (soft-cube in stylish white) which makes it fit into different shower architectures and modern bathrooms. By combining Oras Hydractiva 3-pray hand shower with Oras Esteta Wellfit thermostat, you will have access to three pampering hot and cold treatment programs for ultimate shower experience.

Personal shower experience,

Three spray options

Oras Hydractiva has three sprays to stimulate your body and mind, bringing your personal shower moment to a whole new level:

  • Sensitive: Soft and large relaxing spray to pamper your whole body. The breadth of the spray indulges the whole body with softly falling water and is perfect alternative when sheer enjoyment and relaxation is needed.
  • Intense: Invigorating spray for daily use
  • Pulse: Clustered pulsating spray which is ideal for massage and focused treatment of specific zones of the body  – and washing away the day's stresses and strains.
Three spray options,

The essentials at a glance

  • Innovative models with various shower modes pick up today's huge trend towards well-being and translate it into different shower experiences.
  • The types of spray can be selected intuitively and at the touch of a button thanks to clear symbols.
  • Available in two designs: contemporary (round and geometric in light grey) and style (soft-cube in stylish white)
  • Single spray and 3-spray variants: 3-spray (spray types: Sensitive, Intense and Pulse
  • Optionally available as shower set or wall bar set.
  • Uncomplicated, easy cleaning thanks to anti-limescale technology.
  • Flow rate: 15 l/min.
  • Makes an ideal combination with the Oras Esteta thermostat: The Wellfit programme (RECOVER, RELAX, RELOAD) selected on the thermostat is started via the hand shower.
The essentials at a glance,