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Oras Saga

Oras Saga is a user-friendly, long-lasting and versatile faucet range for kitchen and bathroom. Its contemporary and modern design successfully incorporates reliable technology developed through decades of experience. High quality combined with competitive pricing and ecological design makes Oras Saga a perfect solution for various styles and needs.

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Conveniently practical

Oras Saga is an easy and practical choice for your kitchen!  Oras Safira is a durable quality faucet that fulfils the requirements even in frequently used areas. Timeless design and reliable technology have given Oras Saga the rightful place as one of the all-time favorites.

Conveniently practical,

Uniform design

Wide variety of solutions make Oras Saga fit to every project and space. The inclined body and spout with straight lines express modern, dynamic car design and give Oras Saga its character. In addition, the uniform and simple design makes Oras Saga easy to keep clean. Modern and practical design combined with practicality makes your life more comfortable and effortless.

Uniform design,

Best of Oras Saga.

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