Every day faucets - New Oras Saga

Oras has launched the Saga series in a new design and wider range. There are also built-in alternative limits for water temperature and maximum water flow that further limit normal flow that also...

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Water is part of an intelligent home of the future

Technology and digitalization are coming to homes in the form of new product features and applications that make professionals’ work easier. Utilizing the latest technology has always been part of the...

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New Oras 3S-Installation system for quicker and easier faucet installations

The new Oras 3S-Installation system facilitates the professionals’ daily work.

From now on installation of faucets is simpler than ever. Oras has introduced a unique innovation: the Oras...

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Oras' touchless faucets are produced with decades of experience

As the forerunner of advanced sanitary fittings, Oras introduced some of the first touchless faucets on the market almost 30 years ago. Today electronic faucets are being included in the rapidly...

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Trends are guiding the design work of sanitary fittings

Oras' products combine timelessness and trends. Megatrends are even reflected in classical products that have been subtly modernized in response to changing preferences and a changing world.

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The trend of functionality comes to the bathrooms

Usefulness, quality and stylish design have for decades made Oras products classics for all kinds of homes. Trends like the now-enhancing functionality also extend to bathrooms and professionals.

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HygTech Alliance - Safe, practical, and stylish common areas

Leading Finnish companies have combined their forces and expertise to create the world's first holistic hygienic product range for public spaces.

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Oras Medipro – a product family for professional use

Oras Medipro product family will be complemented soon with touchless washbasin faucets. In a hospital environment, the hygiene and ease of use of a touchless faucet are particularly important.

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Hygiene and safety, combined with top-class ergonomics

The Oras Health & Care product category combines hygiene and safety with top-quality ergonomics. The faucet design supports good hygiene and ease of cleaning. This product category has been divided...

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Oras represents innovative health care hygiene

In nursing, hospital hygiene covers all those procedures that aim to decrease the spreading of pathogens during treatment. Hand hygiene is important in preventing the spreading of infections. Good...

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Oras Signa - Smart functions
08.12.2016 — Oras Group

Due to the new hybrid user interface that enables advanced water control, Oras Signa washbasin faucets have both, single-lever and touchless functions.

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ALESSI SENSE by Oras - Smart control handle
08.12.2016 — Oras Group

Water flow can be controlled with the temperature control handle. ON –OFF function operates also with same handle. The faucet is open for five minutes (factory settings). The faucet can always be...

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