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Whether you have a smaller or bigger project in your hands, we are here to help you to plan and choose the right products for your needs.

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Green Building

GREEN BUILDING refers – to a type of construction where environmentally friendly solutions, methods and products are used and measured. Oras shows its commitment to this approach by manufacturing products that are designed to save water and energy.

See Oras faucets and showers for Green Building here. 

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Product pictures, dimension drawings, marketing materials and other publications. All material in once place. Free access - no login credentials needed. 

Why Oras?

We offer a wide range of durable and high quality products which are easy to install. Oras is the partner that helps you to install and forget. 

Oras product highlights from 2018

There are lots of interior tips and trends you can apply in your home, but some little changes make a bigger difference than others. Upgrading your faucets in the bathroom or kitchen can give the r...

WATER COMPETENCE – Materials used in Oras products

With our products we want to ensure that the water we use is safe and not impaired by chemical substances. As a result, Oras products do not contain any materials classified as hazardous. Moreover,...